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Reviewing your existing investments 

You may already own investment products such as a Stocks & Shares ISA or an Investment Bond, but may not be sure if they are still performing well. We can review your existing investments in conjunction with your objectives for the money, and advise you on any actions required. This might be in the form of either switching funds within your current product, or perhaps moving to an alternative investment product solution that might suit your circumstances better in helping to achieve your end goal.

When it comes to investing, it is vital to have professional and reliable wealth management advice to help you achieve your financial goals. Working with you, we will put a plan together taking account of your end goals and attitude towards risk along the way.

Setting Up A New Investment

Talk to us if you are disappointed with the interest you are currently receiving on your savings, and would like to consider investing some of your capital to try and achieve a better return. We can also help if you have recently inherited money, perhaps from a relative, or received a lump sum from a pension scheme that you may like to invest, whether it be for either capital growth or to enhance your current monthly income.

Taking the first and right steps requires professional financial advice. We will work closely with you to set up a plan that is bespoke to your needs and budget.

Enquire about investments

We can help in the following areas of Investment planning as part of your plan;

  • ISAs
  • Investment Bonds
  • General Investment accounts
  • Unit Trusts

Talk to our experts to find out how to form the best investment strategy as part of your financial plan.

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    Our Six Step Process


    STEP 1
    Meet with you and listen


    STEP 2
    Understand and agree your financial and lifestyle goals


    STEP 3
    Find the most suitable solution for you


    STEP 4
    Create your financial plan


    STEP 5
    Work together to help achieve your plan


    STEP 6
    Meet frequently to review and update your plan